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AMG 2013 - Preliminary Site Location Preference - OFFICIAL THREAD

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Hi All:

Almost one year ago (September 9, 2011) the AMG Preliminary Site Location Preference thread was started. To allow for a little extra planning time, I thought it would be good to start the thread for AMG 2013 Preliminary Site Location Preference a couple of weeks earlier. Please read the information below.  Also, when providing site preferences, please note that it would also be good to provide a time of year (month) that you would recommend for AMG 2013. 

Please use this thread to state your site preference(s) for AMG 2013. PLEASE LIMIT YOUR YOUR RESPONSES TO A MAXIMUM OF THREE LOCATIONS THAT YOU WOULD LIKE CONSIDERED FOR SITE LOCATIONS TO HOST AMG 2013. Also, include a time of year (month) next to your site selection ---  so, try to present your info as follows:

Site                          Time of Year
ABC Land                             August
Candyland                             Sept
Never Neverland                    July

This thread will allow for the gathering of a list of potential sites for AMG 2013 - this list of potential sites will be narrowed down to the Top 3 locations for a future voting thread to be established.  Then we can discuss rational behind the selections (i.e. cost factor, distance, things to do, weather)

To allow ample time for preferences to be made and to narrow down the list based on those preferences - let's accomplish this particular part (naming preferences) by October 1, 2012. 

Thanks for your input - if you have any questions regarding the above, feel free to PM me.

AMG 2013 here we come!!


Chicago - July
Miami    - November
Caribbean cruise - Anytime

Jody :)

Chicago- dont care when.  ;)


Cruise - July
Chicago - August
San Diego - August


I typically haven't participated in the site preferences, but figured I would this year...

1) Chicago            July or August
2) San Juan PR     August or September
3) Miami               October

Although, a cruise also sounds good and is pretty much all-inclusive


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