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viread/3tc/nevirapine vs azt/3tc/nevirapine


I'm looking for some feed back here; the last nine years I have taken azt

my numbers great (1440cd4@48%) but the last two years I notice more
fatigue, accelerated lipo/cholesterol and painful leg muscles. Bloodpressure ok but my heart
beats at 106 bpm at rest. 

Can I replace the azt by viread? Wd that be a change for the better?
(I'm thinking more side effect-wise than number-wise here) Does viread
have similar side effects s/a lipo and painful muscles? Or are there other major
side effects (looking for people who might have made the change/& I will also read up in 'drugs')

or wd it be a better alternative to replace the azt by abacavir?

Thanks everybody  :)

Hey Joe,

Only can offer my own experience. Did the azt to viread switch cause of ~1.5 yrs lipo was taking over. So far everythings fine, but I do mentally miss the azt, as I think its a workhorse for those lil buggers lol.

Read that very minor % get kidney probs with the viread. Still need to find out everything about that myself and ask doc.

My cholesterol, blood pressure, triglicerides were going wingy about 6 mths before I made the switch. Everything is back to normal now. So in that regard glad I made the switch when I did.

No side effects for me after 10 mths on viread. I think (could be way wrong) that abacivir can be harder on the system. Think I even asked my doc before about abacivir. Think I mentioned that one to him cause of my readings about azt/lipo studies. Good luck.
God bless.

Either Viread (tenofovir) or Ziagen (abacavir) are viable options to replace AZT, and the switch has been shown in studies to stop/reverse fat loss and other side-effects associated with AZT for post people. There is new data showing AZT may affect the heart, so this may be more grist to the mill.

Numbers-wise, your CD4 couldn't get much (any) better  ;)

- matt

Thank you both, newt and yowsaa, v. glad you replied,
I'll talk to my BKK doctor tomorrow and report,
I think I can find a generic viread here, not sure about the acabvir,
{{{{{{{  :-* }}}}}}


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