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Illegal to sell extra medications??

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Ok in general and looking at the problem globally, I agree with you.  Drug prices and access is a big mess.

However if the OP had Reyataz, it would be highly unlikely he personally paid for that out of pocket. So if he had sold it, whoever paid, would have been ripped off.  But yeah maybe a buyer might be a jam.. 
I know retirees on limited income in Switzerland who sell prescription meds on the street for cash...  Not HIV drugs, though...

Jeff G:
Its my personal opinion that selling HIV meds that have already been paid for is just simply wrong . If it were a car or diamond ring ... its rather obvious to me .

Its also against the law , I have no problem giving them away which is illegal too but if I ever found out anyone was trying to sell meds on this site I would move heaven and hell to see them banned for life . 

And Im locking this thread .


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