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Illegal to sell extra medications??

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newkrr, i was refering to the OP... first post... selling meds... an illegal immoral idea

youre talking about donating meds... bless you

lol it's been a long day! :-)

here is my two cents about this question:

If Iclaudius, wants to sell his extra medication the price he bought them, i don t think it is that bad.

Of course a free donation is always better, but if he doesn't make any profits on it, i don t see where is the problem (and it might helsp some people to have a better price on their medication).

Frenchie - that guy posted once and disappeared when peopled poopoo'd his idea. What a display of care for this community!

And you must have a crystal ball since he doesn't mention WHO paid for the drugs he wanted to sell...

And finally, zombie thread.

it was an example, about sailing your medication without profit.

I think some of us pay much more the same medication than others. Another example: some of us live in country where they can order generic medication.

In a perfect world, where no one is selfish, off course giving your extra medication for free should be the only way. But nowadays you are  not sure that when it will be your turn to need help that someone will provide it.


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