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thinking about switching meds to Isentress/Truvada

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Hello to all,
New to threads/blogs here.  Poz since 97. On Zerit/Videx/Retrovir/Crixivan from beginning till 2006.  On Atripla 2006 to present.  Moderate to Severe loss of fat and fat redistribution beginning 2001.  Since switch to Atripla have noticed some very gradual positive changes.  I think I am not experiencing additional fat loss...but only very minor fat re-growth. My veins in legs are not as pronounced and the hair loss that I saw has somewhat reversed. (I even have the start of eyebrows). My labs have been good on Atripla.  VL has been undectable since 2002...and CD4 has steadly risen to 600 range. % has risen above 30.  I have read that some have seen more subcutaneous fat with Isentress/Truvada. I have used many fillers (temporary for me) and had my hump liposuctioned about 2 months ago. Have had some re-growth....although fat pad doesnt seem as large or thick...may have to consider excision.  Also have considered PMMA.....but am a bit hesitant.  Any experience/thoughts.....thanks in advance.
Best to all

Miss Philicia:
I have a similar history -- meaning the zerit, etc. exposure in the 90's which resulted in lipoatrophy (but not humps/hypertrophy), and have also had fillers in recent years. I went on Isentress/Truvada five years ago and have not seen this regimen worsen what already was there.

How have your labs been since you made the switch?  Have you had any unusual side effects?  For me it will mean (i think) 3 dosages p/day instead of one.  A local buddy here reported some increased dizziness with Truvada (of course may have been dizzy to start with!). Willing to give it a go though on the hopes of some fat regeneration. Can always go back to the Atripla....but willing to give it a go in hopes of some fat regeneration.  Thank for sharing.

Miss Philicia:
How can someone have "increased dizziness with Truvada" when Atripla has that in it? Sorry, but that makes no sense.

Anyway, I wasn't on Atripla before I was on Isentress/Truvada, but nevertheless my lab results went way up when I switched.

Personally I don't believe in anything more than marginal reversal of lipo -- not sure what your term "fat regeneration" really aims at. The bottom line is that lipo is a mitochondria dysfunction and as that is cellular level it's not going to eradicated. The damage is basically done. If your labs are fine on Atripla and you don't have side effects, and lipo isn't increasing, it seems silly to change regimens IMO.

Thanks Miss P for your frank advice.  Thats what I am looking for.  The dizziness was noted by a friend that made the switch.  While my fat loss seems to not be progressing I am willing to make the switch to see if I see any positive changes. Yes I agree that it may not get better and that I may have to use fillers as needed.

If my labs are about the same and I do see even a bit more fat in the legs/arms/face and/or less on the upper back/neck then it was the correct move for me.  I know we are all unique and it is a tough call. Stay well


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