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Goodbye, Viral Brother


Last August 15, from twitter, where Marvin and I first communicated, I received the news that someone passed away. Then I received calls from twitter friends telling me it was Marvin.

You did not die in vain, Marvin. Your literary work will always be remembered by your friends and by our community. I will always remember your eagerness to help others through your advocacy. We may not always agree on some things, but no two minds are alike anyway. This will not be the last time I would hear about you, as more and more people will talk about you, your mission, and your advocacy.

You will always be my younger viral brother.

Sincerely yours,
Pinoy Positive

*I did not realize I made a long entry on this one. To read the rest of the article, it is here in this link:

Thank you very much!

Let's all keep healthy. :-)


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