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Mark, I've got everything crossed - including my eyes - so please forgive any tpyos. ;D

I'm so happy for you that everything went well and you've been pain-free. Long may it continue!

I hope the lumps and humps stay away for good. Begone!


More hugs,

I'm so glad the surgery went well! I hope the hump is gone for good. Keep us posted.


Hello all,
I had my hump liposuctioned nearly 2 months ago.  Depressing, but I have seen some return.  Hopefully the fat pad will not be as extensive.  For me I believe the culprits were Zerit/Videx/Retrovir (for nearly 9 yrs).  Also thinking of changing meds from Atripla (since 2006) to possibly more lipo friendly Isentress/Truvada.  Any input from all is a appreciated/current labs VL///undetectable     CD4//about 600.  Been blessed with much subcutaneous fat loss/redistribution for about a decade.  Not making any quick decisions but may consider hump excision.  Also may consider PMMA in future.
May you all be blessed....we are all warriors.

WOW!  I just saw this!  YAY!  Congratulations, Mark!  I'm with Ann...I've got everything crossed.  Well....except my eyes because I can't see to post if I do.

But my legs are crossed, and as you can imagine, that almost never happens.

Thanks all for the well wishes. It has been quite an interesting experience for me.

Hey Scotty,

As it happens, I take Isentress/Truvada. I find in incredibly easy to take.

I am sorry to hear you may have had some regrowth of your fat pad. I also hope it isn't too substantial.

If it comes back, I probably could be OK with the hump, but the lumps on the back of my head were something with which I really had a problem.

Interestingly, that is the area that produced the most pain. The lumps were located right behind my ears, and now that area is very tender.

i am still hopeful I will not see regrowth there.




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