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Hello Aztecan,
So sorry you had to deal with that hump and pain, especially right behind your ears. Hope you have said good bye for good.

The doctor that did my laser-assisted lipo said that my fat pad was quite fibrous.  It had also been there for nearly a decade.  It would increase when my weight increased/and also when I ate more starchy food.  Needless to say I eat little in the way of potatoes/pastas/rice (which I loved in the past). Seems that fat from face/arms/legs/buttocks migrated to upper back/neck and a little to stomach.

The doctor concentrated on the upper neck as most visible.  Have seen about 20-30% re-growth......but it is still alot better than before.  A little furthur down my back....probably 30-40% re-growth.  So it is still much better than before.
Will keep you posting....if it completely returns I will consider going under the knife.

I am thrilled that you had so much success...your hump may not have been as fibrous.  I also hope the tenderness subsides for you.  Glad to hear the Isentress/Truvada is good regime for you. Best to you...

Mark!   Congrat's on the success of your surgery.  I know it's been quite a struggle for you.   And I hope the fat never returns.   Keep us posted!   

Great news and good luck:)

Hi Mark,  Congratulations !!! Have fun picking out your new wardrobe,I know I did !Enjoy Every Minute & Be Well,Wade


  Howdy Mark ,
                        How are you !!!! 

    I am very excited to see you had the hump removed .

                                I hoping all is in it's right place now .



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