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Loosing my face?

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Ive been on Sustiva/Stocrin-Truvada for 3 months and my weight has been pretty stable last 6 months or so.

Lately a few friends I havent seen for some time said I must have lost weight. At first I thought I did, but I realize now I havent since checking my weight records :(

Looking at my face I can understand their comments, its like gravity hit it, bones under my eyes are more pronounced and I look slim, but its just my face not the body!

I am of course a bit worried about this progressing to another level. What I thought of doing after some reading here on the board was to talk to my doctor about possibly switching out the Sustiva/Stocrin to Viramune. From members here I mostly get the impression doctors in general arent really concerned with side effects like this if it isnt directly life threatening.

Im at this point not considering PMMA,botox,silicone or Sculptra but its their, in my mind and Im ready to jump ship in the future if that what it takes to preserve my face.

Any comments on course of action highly appreciated. Im a total noob in this and to be sincere I wasnt expecting/hoping this to happen   :'(

Not to sound too dismissive, but I can't help but be struck by how far we've come from stuff like buffalo hump and worrying about actual organ failure to:

"Not the face!  Anything but the face!"

...from about three months on meds.

Didn't you say you did lots of dope and stuff, or am I mistaken?  If so, I would wager those are the drugs that are most responsible at this point.

I did drugs yes, but not any since dxd , Im sure I dont have to tell you a drug user dont have to look like a wreck.


--- Quote from: Common_ground on August 20, 2012, 02:11:44 PM ---I did drugs yes, but not any since dxd , Im sure I dont have to tell you a drug user dont have to look like a wreck.

--- End quote ---

Of course not.  I still manage to get my twirl on now and again - and yet I look magnificent.

That doesn't necessarily mean that's the case with you, though.

But perhaps it is. 

Still, it's a bit much to swallow that you've developed noticeable lipo in three month's time.  I still would chalk it up to something else.  Worry can do it, for one thing.  Your diet can do it.  Dehydration can do it quite easily.   

I know it sounds crazy with issues like this in just a matter of months...Might be my mind playing tricks Im not sure.

I did change my diet quite some so that could also have something to do with it. I certainly dont want to neglect the folks who have and had problems with issues like this but I kind of freaked out when several friends said I look thinner but then again didnt loose any weight.

Im still new to the whole HIV thing and there are so many things I dwell upon. At the moment I dont have anyone to talk to so this board is my only refuge.


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