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It's best to take Atripla (or Sustiva) at bedtime. This way you will sleep through the "high" side-effects. It's also important (at least at first, until you get used to it) to take it at least two hours after eating, but you can take it much later than two hours after eating. The important thing is that your stomach is empty. And for best results side-effect wise, take it right before you go to sleep. Good luck, and keep us posted.


I have been taking it at bedtime. Today is better. I don't feel like I did yesterday...its much better as far as feeling high. Thanks I will keep you posted

It's good to hear that things are getting better. Chances are great that the side-effects will continue to subside and before you know it, you won't have any problems. Hang in there! :)

Went to the ID doc today, I like him. He was a little concerned about the med due to me being 23 but suggested I stay on. I had concerns about beginning to work the night shift soon and he suggested that I do a one time switch to day time if I think I can handle it. He said by the end of the month the fda is approving a med thats once a day with no side effects, he is conducting the study. So if I need to switch he will consider giving me that drug. Me and the drug are working fine together as long as I dont eat the high fat meal I can stay up after the med eventhough I usually go to sleep anyway due to being tired.  ;D

I've been taking atripla for almost 3 months now (i'm also a nurse) and can honestly say that having it on an empty stomach or a full stomach has made no difference to me at all.  In fact, going to bad on an empty stomach seems to ruin my sleep even more as I'm hungry all night and wake up feeling nauseous. I'm also worried about night-shifts but so far have opted to not do them, obviously this depends on your personal work circumstances.  Just play around with it a bit and see what works best for you - since this is a life-time thing then I think you need to do what suits you.  I've discovered I need to take it immediately before going to sleep and I can't stay up longer than around 30 mins or I go a bit nuts!


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