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So, I went to the doctor and he changed me to the new Stribild because of the variable bed times and hectic schedules I have. Took my first dose today. I will see how this works for me. Since I have to take this with food it will be a better fit because I usually eat lunch around the same time.

Is strilbald available in the UK yet?  Please let us know how you get on - I would be interested in changing too, for the same reasons, shift work and whatnot


--- Quote from: TabooPrincess on October 20, 2012, 02:06:09 PM ---Is strilbald available in the UK yet?  Please let us know how you get on - I would be interested in changing too, for the same reasons, shift work and whatnot

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I don't believe it has been approved yet, and even if/when it is, I doubt that it will be widely prescribed because of the high price. It is predicted to cost over twice the price of Atripla.

Please read the article Quad approved in US: cost may limit use in Europe, written by Simon Collins on the UK based website i-Base.

Have you thought about switching to a different combo that wouldn't have the problems that Atripla can cause for people who work changing shifts? There are other once a day combos available, although they entail taking more than one pill. The combo I'm on (Prezista, Norvir, Truvada) is four pills once a day and honestly, it's not a problem and I haven't really had any side-effects other than a little more diarrhea than usual for me in the first two weeks. That's cleared up. 

The only caveat with my combo is that Prezista needs to be taken with some food - but you don't need a whole meal. I often take it with just a snack, like a couple Babybels or a pot of yogurt, and a small glass of milk or OJ. Sometimes I have it with a full lunch, but more often than not, just a snack. And it's working - my VL went down to just 414 (from 30,900) after only six weeks and I fully expect to be UD when I have my next blood draw next week (fifteen weeks after starting).

I have not had any major issues with Stribild. Only issues are anxiety and loss of appetite that are noticeable. But I am going to the doctor about the anxiety. Its manageable for the most part.


--- Quote from: LivingFree1989 on August 15, 2012, 10:36:23 AM ---I found out that my viral load was 19,870 and cd4 492. So they are calling in a for atripla is it wrong that I rather just live my life for however long and then just die than to take the medicine. Coming from a nurse that sounds bad but I read side effects and the difficulty concentrating   concerning to me.. I need to be able to do my job. I am really scared to start the medicine. I am going to a ID Doc soon to get a better regimen or something..I don't know I just had to get it out there.

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--- Quote from: LivingFree1989 on August 17, 2012, 01:05:37 PM ---After much thought and research I decided to take the med. to see how it reacts with my body. Also with the assistance of insurance and a copay card its free for me as no money directly out my pocket. Took it last night 2 hours after eating. So far I feel a little high. I heard it causes mood things so we will see. I see a ID doc on Friday for the first time since 09. If I can't tolerate  it I will stoa it and ask about complera

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