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Made it home


Sorry it's been awhile since I've gotten on.  Work decided that as a punishment for taking off 4 days I had to work until 10pm and go in the next day at 7 am twice for the past 2 weeks. :'(

I made it home from DC without getting lost, :) (Needless to say my brother and cuz lost that bet) which is more then I can say for going there.  Actually I got there ok, just drove past the hotel 3 times before realizing that that is where I needed to be.

Now my schedule is back to normal, I have off school and work tomorrow and not sure what to do.  maybe I will take doggy to the Susquehanna river for a long walk in it.  Yes, in it, it's quite empty in parts and you can walk on the rocks.  If that has to much water in it we shall go to Tucquan Glenn and walk in the creek.

@Willie--Roller Coasters where you stand up in are yucky.
The escalator in DC Metro is yucky also,  And so glad there is no picture of the glass elevator.

Also I have some of the pictures on my photobucket that ya all can  look at.  They are under AMG2012.  I seemed to have lost the cord that goes from camera to computer so have to get a new one tomorrow and then they will be on there also.

I had blast at AMG in DC.  Made a bunch of new friends and can't wait until next year.

Finally a big THANX to Phil for a sofa when I got there a day early, and to Mark, Jody, and Nick for playing guides.

Have a great day
Michelle 8)

Hey Michelle  ;)

It was so nice meeting you, and you are a lotta fun (I still didn't get to do those shooters) w/ you, but hey there is always next yr. right  ;D


DEN & Bob  ;)

Hello Michelle,

It was really nice meeting you. You have an incredible amount of drive and enthusiasm. It's great to meet someone who sets goals, and then start the wheels turning to achieve them.

You are a real go getter...

(((HUGS)))   Ray and Ed

Michelle it wa so nice meeting you, I'm glad you got home safe.

I managed to finished off those two bottles you left me.. ;D.

I have a great photo of you and Will, PM me your email and I will send it to you.

Take care of you
Jan :-*

@ den-- I'm always looking for a reason to travel.   Shooters is a good enough reason for me.

@ j.r.e.-- Thanx, I start classes in 2 weeks, but will keep working full time until I see how wore out I get.


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