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hiv+ for 30 years or more?

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Officially 1987, but from my T count at that time and the intensive care stay with an unknown virus in 1983, it happened in 1983....

So I have 30 years on my back as well...


Hey everyone,
I do not write here much and I would like to start checking in more and become friends.

I am pos probably 28 years..
Most likely exposed in 1985 although I remember I had a terrible flu in July 1986

Found out in 1992 and was put on AZT right away. I also got ssi in 1993!
 i think i had  cd4 of 210
guess the AZT didn't work as  I kept dropping  160 then 90 , 65 , 33 , 13..

some OI's and pneumonia
I prayed for the smart scientists out there working on new meds. I remember saying to my self, the PI's are coming.. just hang on for the new drugs..
I made it!

Got better in 1998 with PI's I was one of the first in my state to take them.
Had a new lease on life so to speak and a  good life ,considering, a single mom on $600 a month with part time work here and there..

Good docs,  bad docs,  incompetent arrogant docs , trying to find an attorney as we speak but that is another thread…

My son born in 1990 is negative so . ? Even breast fed him a year. I didn't' know I was pos.. i have been blessed to have every minute i have had with him and what a great man he is now!

HEP C+ (will do the new treatment this year)
HIV UD VL  900 something cd4

taken all the meds..(except some of the newer ones…)
currently i suffer extreme severe full body pain undiagnosed for 2+ years now no one knows… i say IRIS?

summer 2011 bad leg pain cramps twitches weakness..a@% Hole doc recommended i stop meds and see if leg pain stops..idiot me did what he said..
well legs got worse and when restarted meds in fall of 2011 after 3 months off ..a reaction happened and left me bed ridden crying and house bound in extreme  pain thinking i was a goner  and no diagnosis or treatment or pain management..FU@%#rs    and ready to smack the docs!
Still here i AM! I have improved this past year and learning to live with this new me.. and have pain meds now but very limited on chores and daily errands. sucks i was a go go go person who just got stopped in her tracks.

all my best LTS we rock!

Welcome Guitargal ,  Sorry about the things you are struggling with and congrats on all your many successes.

Many off us here have pain problems. I am beginning to think there is quite a difference how doctors treat pain. I am a UK resident and have a Pain controll Doctor, and am treated by a combination off drugs.

I do wonder wether the explosion off pain control drug abuse has now skewed all US Doctors approach to pain .

Look forward to your future posts


welcome aboard guitargirl.  It seems almost surreal that we've struggled and survived despite the bleak prognosis.  Hope you stick around and get to know our dysfunctional family.   ;D



--- Quote from: wolfter on July 17, 2013, 08:23:24 PM ---I didn't think the test was available until 86 with it being routinely available until 87.  But this again, this old AIDS brain doesn't quite function normally.

I'll never be sure as I don't recall ever going through seroconversion.  The only time I remember ever being deathly sick was my Junior year of high school...ikes.  But I believe it was a pretty slutty night on my birthday during college.  School had ended for the summer and I turned 21...time to party....and regret. :(

Edited for clarification as I rec'd a message with the following.

pretty slutty night translates to had a graet time had no idea could feel so free , I bet Greg thats what you thought for a while then you layered the crap on and the freedom feeling went .

1985:   First test for HIV licensed (ELISA)
1987:   First Western Blot blood test kit
1992:   First rapid test
1994:   First oral fluid test
1996:   First home and urine tests
2002:   First rapid test using finger prick

--- End quote ---


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