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hiv+ for 30 years or more?

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I'm around 27 years poz.  Congrats on your 30 year mark.  Seems you are still doing well and having a fairly normal life.  I went on disability in 1999 and it's been kind of a steady decline since then.  But still hanging in there, but for some of us, it gets to a point whether or not just going to the doctor, having procedures performed, and dealing with constant pain is worth it.  But in contrast, I do gain alot of hope from friends of mine with cancer who are so amazingly brave and positive.

Congrats again.  And remember, this is a very individual disease so one experience does not dictate that for another.

Take care

I tested positive in 1989 ...... 24 years ....... health has been good but now is starting to deteriorate

welcome fscerra!
wow, 2 first time posters of LTS in the same day! :)
hope to get to know you better as well!

Thanks Mitch777 ....... great to hear from you ...... spring is coming to New England .......but Autumn is my favorite season ..... so glad to be a LTS .......

I consider myself to positive for 29 years.

My partner was hospitalized for Viral Pneumonia in 1984 and tested poz at that time.

No one knew at that time what unsafe sex was. We had been practicing it unaware for a year before that and for a year afterwords. He died about two years later.

I first tested HIV+ in 1987 but believe I had been positive long before.

I estimate my infection to 1984 or before. Right now I am 53 and estimate I have been positive for at least years right now.

There are more of us around than you would think.

On more than one occasion when filling out forms at a Drs office they think I have messed up my dates and I have to laugh.   :)


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