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hiv+ for 30 years or more?

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--- Quote from: Miss Philicia on August 10, 2012, 07:41:30 PM ---Actually there are some members here who had AIDS defining numbers upon taking an HIV test when it was first available in 1985, so one may infer that they have been infected for at least 30 years and possibly longer.

--- End quote ---

Ms. P. you are correct.  My initial CD4 was around 75 according to my medical records.

Thanks Miss Philicia. I guess we will never really know how many of us are 30+ year survivors seeing as the test wasn't available til 1985.
It just that I never hear people speak with confidence that they have been poz for so long.
I remember the disease hitting me like a club over my head for the first several months. Total fatigue and fevers. And, of coarse thinking that the grim reaper was just around the corner.
The life saving meds became available just in time as my viral load suddenly went through the roof.
Since then, everthing has been just peaches and cream. ha.
So, should I have concern about being turned down for ssdi?
My stats look good.
Viral load undetectable, t-cells have remained in the 600's, still always feel like crap and can no longer focus.
I have not had the physical troubles that many of you have had to face. (yet??)
Sorry about rambling on. (I am originally from Minnesota and part of the Rose Niland in me seems to popping up with more frequency lately.)

My hubby has had it 24 years and I have been postive 17 years. I don't Know anyone else with the virus but my hubby. Just wanted to say hello.

27-30 years myself.

I had to hire a disability lawyer after my initial application for SSDI for dementia was rejected. I was told at the time this was common and I was referred to a disability firm. The lawyer takes no money up front but they do get a % (I can't remember how much) of your first disability check if they win. I can't remember what happens if you lose ( their goes the memory again). Bottom line was we won. 
Good luck to you. 

thanks mishma.
i started the process with a lawyer. wanted them to know i wasn't kidding from the start.
i believe by law that they can't charge more than 6000.00 and am pretty sure they don't get anything if i lose. a chance they take in representing me.
glad you made it through the process.
was the appeal difficult???
what more info did you need to prove your case??
any help from anyone with this question would be helpful.


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