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hiv+ for 30 years or more?

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Likely 28. Very fortunate. I thinks there's more around of us than most may think.

Hi Mitch777, Mike here. I've been on meds for 25years plus. I was informed by Hospital personnel, of tainted Blood supply donations, way back in 1978, but didn't start treatment 'til 1988, after a surgeon stuck himself during my knee replacement. I waited 10 years to start, but figured the odds were against me that I wasn't Poz, while living those 10 years, as if i was prob. positive. I started 'cuz the drugs got more reliable, less side effects. So now, I'm in my 60's and walking & talking!

hey allin!

wecome to the forums!

i am continually amazed to hear from LTS on this site.

we are ALL a very unique group.
there as so many issues that tie us together..., and also..., be accepting of the different ways we all cope with what matters in our lives.

PS- the number of views of this thread always puts a smile on my face.
i believe that this thread represents hope.
hope for not just the LTS, but also hope and much more for those newly diagnosed.

Joe K:
I begin my 29th year poz in March.  When I hit 60, it will be 30 years, or half my life neg and half my life poz.  Strangely the poz part has been the best.


I remember being in the military in 1984
they did a blood test,

I still have the scars
the corman was shaking like leaf on a tree
should have been a tattoo artist
he did quite the number on my arm

I had thought they were just trying to flush out the gays in the military stupid me thought never trust those in charge they never tell the truth

as far as I know that was the first time the test for HIV was used
then 5 years later honerable discharge in hand two complete military physicals
both said I was just fine and have a great life

I gave blood it came back positive for HIV

O ya there were at least a hundred other guys who had packed up there bags and walked to the parking lot to except admin dischages for being gay

I wonder if any of them are still alive

sorry just wanted to ad some experience to the thirty year story

1984 was 29 years ago is close to thirty right


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