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Need Advice: Small wound contact with vaginal blood


Dear All,

I recently fingered a prostitute with my bare fingers. I have a small cut on one of the fingers used (a 0.5cm by 0.3cm wound) which was about a day old and healing (no scabs though) when the sex act happened.

After I withdrew my hand, I noticed that there was moist blood on my fingers. Apparently the prostitute had a condition (probably an STI / or having her period) and hasn't been completely honest with me. Her hands, which also had some blood on them, came in contact with my penis while she was performing a non-protected blowjob on me. There was no ejaculation.

We did not have vaginal sex at all as I was spooked by the blood. I went to wash my hands and penis with soap and water 15 minutes after the blowjob.

Am I at risk of HIV? What about Hep B and other STIs?

PLs advise.

Andy Velez:
Cho, this is one of those incidents which is risky only in theory in the sense that anytime you have sex other than by yourself  there is some risk "theoretically."

However, in the real world and despite all kinds of nicks, cuts, abrasions, sores and other bodily issues, there's never been a case of transmission via fingering and you are not about to make history by becoming the first. Getting a blowjob is nil for risk. Whether you ejaculated or not is irrelevant as far as you are concerned although it presents a very low level risk for the person sucking you.

So bottom line in all of this is there's no need for further concern on your part nor for testing.

Get on with your life.


Thanks Andy, it's a great relief to hear that.


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