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I am desperate considering PMMA! please help


I have lost much fat in buttocks and face and feel so desperate

I was thinking about travelling to Rio to doctor Serra but of course i decided to do some research. I have read thru lots of forums in Portuguese and there are SOOO many peeople developing complications after PMMA injections not with this particular doctor but still

I am very scared now please those who have experience with PMMA share it with me!!! I really need an advice right now

I had two PMMA treatments with Dr. Serra for my face and buttocks in 2006. I have experienced no complications and the filler appears to be holding up well. Dr. Serra was very professional and knowledgeable; I would definitely recommend him. PMMA, under the name Artefill, is approved by the US FDA. I can't tell you whether PMMA is the right choice for you but I will say after 6 years I am happy with the results. Keep researching and make the most informed decision you can. I hope things improve.

Hi, I have heard of infections with Bio-Aclamid,which I'm pretty sure is a completely different filler.I posted I Had Two treatments with Artfill,VERY satisfied.Artfill is PMMA except is mixed with bovine.I have had no side affects.Approved by FDA so no need to travel to another country.I am 57 years old,have been battling lipo issues for the past decade,both fat loss and gain,outside of having a very large hump excised,having my face back to normal is the best thing I've done for myself.Hope this helps,and good luck. Wade

Hello, I had my butt and face done last year at Dr. Casavantes' offices in Tijuana and couldn't be more pleased with the results.

I have experienced no issues whatsoever. 

My butt was always considered to be one of my best features and until I went and had the PMMA done I couldn't even look in the mirror at my butt, let alone allow anyone else to!  I am actually going next Wednesday for some final touch-ups and look forward to being completely restored in these two areas. 

I am also planning on getting an estimate from Dr. Casavantes on having some of the veins in my legs treated so that they are no longer so pronounced. 

In all, despite the expense, I consider the money as well spent as it has given me back some of the self confidence that I had lost as a result of my lipo issues. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me and I will get back to you.  Best of luck


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