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VL goes up and down....GRRRRR!

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Thank you- your aswers were very helpful! I`m aware that there can be some "Blibs"-last spring I had flu several months and my VL was 50-100. Now I have had some kind of liitle flu too and it could be that it increases my VL again.

By the way: I have taken these new Kaletra tabs now a week and my stomach doesn`t like this new one either :-( I think that this is easier to take when it doesn`t have to be taken with food.

Hi guys! I have some good news: My VL is now undetectable again  ;D Everything is fine.
Now I wonder if a flu made that rise in my VL or is these more effective Kaletra tabs the main reason that my VL went down...

Flu, new tabs, who knows? The important thing is your VL is undetectable.  If it's under 100 it's probably undetectable, cos of the margin of error in VL tests. Only worry if it creeps over 150-200 n stays there.

- matt

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