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DC Debit Card Fraud

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Sorry to hear that you had to go through this shit !  So far everything seems to be on the up and up with the single credit card that we used.  Thanks for the heads up.

The only place we used the credit card was @ The front desk of the hotel, Ruby Tuesday's and the Chinese restaurant.

I brought cash on this trip, and avoided the debit card, thinking I could fall victim to this same sort of crap.

We've been checking the card daily, since we returned, just to play it on the safe side.

Take care----Ray

Will, that really sucks, we didn't have any problems like that so far, did you ever find your Drivers License, you told me some twink took it from this correct?



This happened to me at the Montreal AMG and at our Meet and Greet.  The card was copied at the bar and the numbers sent to Mexico and used within 15 minutes.  My bank recognized the fraud alert and froze the card but since I was out of the country and I was not receiving calls, I did not know until I tried to use the card.  I ended up getting all the money credited back right away (it was over $800) rather than waiting for me to file the papers.  It helped that I have been with my credit union since 1980.

Now I never surrender the debit card when I travel...only when I swipe it myself.  Oddly enough, in Montreal now, you always swipe your card yourself at a restaurant or bar.  They use portable devices and no one but you touches your card.  Also the card number is encrypted on the receipt and device screen.

Hope everyone gets their funds restored quickly. 


Miss Philicia:

--- Quote from: WillyWump on August 07, 2012, 01:48:35 PM ---Hey fellow AMG'ers.

I got hit with some fraudulent charges to the tune of about $2100 while at AMG. >:(

Spoke to my bank and a VA. detective and they believe my Visa Debit card number was "skimmed" while in DC.

The detective said they have uncovered recent ops in DC whereby waiters or restaraunt staff skims the card number + the CSV code and then sell the info to people all over the world. those people can then make a new card and new ID in a matter of days...then go on shopping sprees. My fraudulent charges were made in a Marion, Ohio Walmart $800 (really?), Gamestop $600, and smaller amounts at Meijer stores. The thugs are getting brazen nowadays cause all these charges were counter and not online.

Anyways, Detective recommends everyone in my group check their accounts line by line, because sometimes the crooks will only do very small charges across several accounts to avoid detection.

and yes, my bank has given me temp credits until I go in today to fill out all the fraud papers, and I should get all charges reversed back to me within a week or so.  Thank goodness.


--- End quote ---

Oh stop with the lies girl -- this isn't a lipid panel. That loving twink mopped your wallet, remember? You sent me a text in real time when it happened. That will teach you not to be a messy, under-sexed, over-aged lush next time you're in unfamiliar surroundings.

Miss Philicia:

--- Quote from: Buckmark on August 07, 2012, 02:57:30 PM ---
$600 at Gamestop? 

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