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DC Debit Card Fraud

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Hey fellow AMG'ers.

I got hit with some fraudulent charges to the tune of about $2100 while at AMG. >:(

Spoke to my bank and a VA. detective and they believe my Visa Debit card number was "skimmed" while in DC.

The detective said they have uncovered recent ops in DC whereby waiters or restaraunt staff skims the card number + the CSV code and then sell the info to people all over the world. those people can then make a new card and new ID in a matter of days...then go on shopping sprees. My fraudulent charges were made in a Marion, Ohio Walmart $800 (really?), Gamestop $600, and smaller amounts at Meijer stores. The thugs are getting brazen nowadays cause all these charges were counter and not online.

Anyways, Detective recommends everyone in my group check their accounts line by line, because sometimes the crooks will only do very small charges across several accounts to avoid detection.

and yes, my bank has given me temp credits until I go in today to fill out all the fraud papers, and I should get all charges reversed back to me within a week or so.  Thank goodness.



I'm so sorry to hear that someone stole your debit card number.  I know this is a big hassle.  At least both the bank and law enforcement have been helpful.

$600 at Gamestop?   ???



I found out in San Francisco back in '07 when I could not withdraw money on my debit card that I was expected to call the bank before I left for vacation to indicate I was going away.  Banks even have automated telephone prompts where you type in the dates you will be away.  But it could be a good idea to speak to a representative and also state where you will be on those dates.

Debit cards are good for cash withdrawls but credit cards should be used for purchases, etc. as you have more rights (not to pay for fraudulent charges) if your credit card is used. 

Glad things will be Ok with your account Will.


When I got home that Tuesday, I received a call from Chase about some suspected fraud on my credit card -- the one I used all thru AMG.  Someone tried to buy some software in the Netherlands -- Chase saw that I had been in DC and thought it might not be me.
That was the only "hit" I know about and they overnighted me a new card with a new number..................



--- Quote from: WillyWump on August 07, 2012, 01:48:35 PM ---Hey fellow AMG'ers.

I got hit with some fraudulent charges to the tune of about $2100 while at AMG. >:(


--- End quote ---

You sure some twink didn't do it? ;D



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