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Well said.... :)


   Hi 0608 ,

                           I have always believed in GOD   even when he took my older brother at the
     the age of 52  many years ago .  ( Brain Cancer ) 
      I was brought up in  school that we prayed every morning  , and had church teaching  twice
   during the week .  I do not buy into Jesus the way  Holy Rollers do thou .

     I am quite sure about things coming full circle ,  Life gives you what you give life .

     Nothing would ever convince me that GOD did exist and does good things . 

     Having  HIV has not changed anything about my beliefs .

The fact that you didn't speak up, or "boo" is the litmus test of your faith. If you believed what you say, you would have spoken up.

Perhaps.  But I am a work in progress still, and I hope to get there someday.
 I strongly disagree on this matter !   Sometimes it is best to let a fool talk and leave it at that  ;)


   P.S.  I am convinced there is an after life .  I have seen proof if it  .

Thanks for that, Weasel.  A personal belief system is just that, personal.  But I can just say that HIV has definitely made me realize that I was not the world, and there is something out there much greater than me, but of which I was still a valuable part.  Does that make sense?  I probably sound like Madonna going on about Kaballah, LOL.

Anyway, for me, belief in this "greater" force (God to me) has been such a help to me, as your belief has seemed to have done for you.  God bless!  :)


--- Quote from: 0608 on August 07, 2012, 01:45:45 PM ---I have a question:  Has being positive changed your ideas and feelings about God?

--- End quote ---

Nope I would say it was unchanged. I feel the same about god and consider religion very important to me both before and after.


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