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Hello all, has anyone besides me tried artefill,it's the same as pmma except is mixed with bovine,and requires a skin test.Most important is approved in USA.I tried some of the other fillers,they were short lived and expensive,couldn't be happier with the results.Has been two years and my face seems even fuller.Just curious has anyone tried over the counter weight loss-fat burning products for lipo?I had a huge hump removed surgically,as it was too fibrous to be lipoed.That was about six years ago,and has never come back. (insurance didn't pay,claimed it was cosmetic )  I now have fat around my breasts,and large amounts under my arms,also under my chin. I am in the process of trying to get my insurance to pay for this,have already met with a surgeon who submitted a report along with photos,looking for a back up plan in case they reject this one too.Was diagnosed in 95,and still kicking !       Be well, Bubba

Hello to you Bubba......Artefill piqued my interest.  I would think of it as a trial run for PMMA (which I have considered).  Big plus is being able to get it done in good-ole-USA.  Can you tell me where you had it done and approx cost?  I, like you,
have had some good results with other facial fillers....altho short-lived....and the last sculptra treatment left me with a few small injection site bumps in the cheek area.

How did you know in advance that your hump was too fibrous to be lipoed?  Having recently had my done (liposuction w/laser assist), it has partially returned.  Perhaps I should have gone directly for the excision too.  Be well

Hi Scotty,the doc who administered the artfill was dr Steve Haston,he is located in Ft Lauderdale,Fl. I think most of the docs who have the other fillers are familiar with artfill by now,I think It's been approved by  the FDA for several years now.You may have to go to or around the nearest city to you though.The cost was not much more than the other gamete of fillers I've had,especillaly since this one is permanent.Like I stated it does require a skin test because of the bovine.Now for the hump....Dr Howell Tiller,excised it,he told me it was too fibrous to be lipoed,it was very hard,not like the fat around my breast,and under my arms,which is soft and blubbery.It has been quite a few years since it was removed 6-7 years,and has not come back.He is located in South Miami Beach.He had experience with other guys before me and did an excellent job.Good Luck & Be Well,Wade

Hello Wade,
Thanks for posting all the info about artfill and your hump excision. Glad to hear you are on a roll with hump gone//and face looking good.
Even though my hump has returned a bit after laser DC area doc did use the fat from my back and injected it in my face.  Was a bit cheeky (about 2 months back)....but it now looks about right//and natural.  He also had a bit left over and put in on the back of my hands (were veiny).  They look great and natural.
Will wait and see on the artfill. Wish you continued upbeat roll with your other lipo related issues.   Mike


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