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Jeez, I have another problem.... 

I have 2 different women who like me a lot. They Both want to sleep with me, One I really like and could see myself with long term, the other one... Would be "friends with benefits".

Problem is, I don't want to tell either one about my HIV for fear they will leave me.
I don't want to sleep with anyone without telling them (Since that is how I got it!) even if we use protection.
I know they are going to wonder why I am taking so long to try anything.

I knew both women before my diagnosis, but have not been with either one before.

Any idea how to handle this? I can be celebate, but I have a "NEED" for female companionship in a romantic way. The touching, flirting, kissing, hand holding.. all make life a lot easier for me.

Thanks, Andrew


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