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Made it home

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Hey gang,

I got home today (Friday). It seemed like a long trip home this time.

I got to Albuquerque yesterday evening, stayed the night with family and then drove home today.

I miss everyone, as I always do. 

Michelle, have a shooter for me.  ;)



 :)  Glad you made it home safely.  Thanks again for taking the time to entirely experience the Holocaust museum with me.  I miss everyone already and am looking forward to the next gathering.  I'll refrain from shots next year as they obviously don't agree with me. 


Hey Marky Mark,...

Glad to hear you arrived safely home. I was wondering when you were going to check in.

I enjoyed our brief time together,( goes by much too quickly). It was truly a pleasure meeting you. !  Till next time...

(((HUGS)))  ----Ray   8)

Glad you are back home Mark, the best part is always sleeping in our own beds after vacation, no matter where.  I got your text from Chicago and was thinking about where you were going as you traveled west.  Till next year dear friend.

Jody :)

Welcome back home.  With Jan and Jen also safely back, this officially marks the end of AMG travels.  Til next year wherever and whenever!



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