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Whey Protein Powder?

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Hello, guys.  I'm + and enjoy (well, on most days) working out.  I'd used whey protein powder to gain muscle before I found out I'm positive.  And I was hoping to be able to use it again, but I wanted to get some feedback from other +s.

Mainly, I just wanted to check that the whey powder won't interfere with drug therapy or increase side effects and damage the body in some way that I'm not aware of right now.  Thanks for your opinions!

Hey 0608, I take Optimum Nutrition Whey 100%. Dont know what your diet looks like but too much protein can have an impact on your kidneys some studies have shown. A scoop or two after working out shouldnt be a problem thou. I make sure I drink plenty of water to keep the renal function going.
Do you check your kidneys just as with CD4 and VL?

Hi, Common_ground.  Thank you for the tip.  I actually haven't started my lab work yet (will do later this month), so I wasn't aware of the kidney checks.  I'll definitely be asking my doctor about that.

When you talk about the protein's impact on kidneys, were you talking in general or specifically about us pozzies?  Also, could I ask how often you take whey when you're working out?  I work out 3-5 times a week, and I was planning to take one scoop on each workout day. (My diet is average protein-wise, aside from the whey powder).

Eating a lot of protein puts a strain on anyone's kidneys.

People taking meds that already strain the kidneys might get to a dangerous level sooner than the average bear.

I use a scoop of protein powder once a day for post-workout shake, and also tend to lean towards a fairly robust protein diet. I'm on Isentress, Prezista, Norvir and Truvada and kidney/liver functions remain normal, even when I load that protein shake up with rum because, well, friday.


--- Quote from: 0608 on August 03, 2012, 04:40:59 PM ---
I actually haven't started my lab work yet (will do later this month), so I wasn't aware of the kidney checks.  I'll definitely be asking my doctor about that.

--- End quote ---

You may find it helpful to read through the The Blood Tests You'll Need section of our Lessons before you see your doctor. Most doctors will already be on top of what labs you need to have done, but it never hurts for you to make sure he's running all the right ones. Doctors forget things sometimes, just like anyone.

You should also be checked for all other STIs, including (but not limited to) hep B and hep C. These are tests that you won't need every time, but they should be done at least once or twice a year, depending on how sexually active you are. They absolutely should be done at the beginning of your diagnosis, regardless of how active you are.

Make sure you also read through some of the other Lessons too. They're all written in easy-to-understand English so they're easy to digest. Feel free to come back into the forums to ask any questions that may arise while you read.

As others have said, the protein powder shouldn't be a problem. Just don't overdo it (and it sounds like you won't). Something to keep in mind - all things in moderation, including moderation! ;)



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