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Finally made it into the North Island

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After nearly 20 hours I finally arrived in New Zealand but I managed to have a good sleep on the long haul from LA to Auckland. 

In 4 hours I should be landing in my home town, it has been a good journey, I've thought of you all on the way home and the a great time we shared in Washington DC, what an amazing city.

I will write more when I get home and have had a few hours sleep, have a good meal and played with my babies for a while...two and four legged ones.

Until then, I miss you all, and have some very special memories to keep me going until next time.

Jan :-*

Hi Jan,..

20 hours !!!  YIKES !! Glad to hear your almost home !! 

((hugs ))) ---Ray   8)

Glad to hear that you are just about home. That is a long journey and you deserve some rest and time with the babies.

Miss you bunches! Looking forward to the next time we get to meet up for more laughs and to build more memories....


Hugs and kisses from halfway around the world...welcome home, rest well, and look forward to the future!


Glad you made it back safely.  I was a little concerned that the the Secret Service agent from the White House might surprise you ar the airport!  there are some people that you do NOT want to notice you.
It was fantastic seeing you again.

Hugs and  :-* :-*


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