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Reflections on AMG 2012: Washington DC

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Thanks Phil.  I'm sure I'll post more later but I am drag ass tired.  Just got home after several delays.  One fortunate aspect of one delay was I got to spend more time with Gary which brightened up my sadness a bit.


glad everyone had a good time....i''m officially jealous.  lol.  would love to see some pics to see what i missed.

Dearest Phil

It was an absolute pleasure meeting you, we had some good laughs And I miss that already.

It's our last night so we are busy packing and thinking about our new mate and missing you.

I will post something when I'm home and rested.

Jan :-*

Thanks for your kind words Phil, I also had a great time in DC and feel the friendship between us all to be as strong as ever. 

Thanks also to you Phil as you really kept the logistics of the grants committee together and are very organized indeed. 

A special thanks to a very bright and kind man, Gary for his really outstanding job at this years memorial.  Gary presents ideas in an interesting and compassionate way and his references to The Shawshank Redemption, The Normal Heart and other great works in relation to living with HIV and maintaining one's spirit was genius.

Thanks Nick for arranging our White House Tour.  Nick and RAB almost didn't get in due to a birthday mixup, I think they thought Nick was born the day before the tour, probably that was off a little.  But the White House was cool and I really liked the Capitol building, it was really magnificent, a ceiling in the rotunda that was incredible and a very informative walk through.  The Art and Space museum was really fun, form Amelia in aeronautic infancy to Armstrong on the moon. One work had a man flying a plane virtually outside the cockpit, he was flat on his stomach outside the plane already, that would not be an adventure for me I tell you!

The Newseum was very informative and lots of fun with a great 4D movie that spoke of Edward R. Murrow, who covered the Nazi bombing London and of the female reporter Nellie Bly, who went undercover at a female mental hospital to expose it's horrors and got major changes made.  Also all of the most famous Pulitzer prize winning photography of our history, much of it tragic but some of it very inspiring and hopeful.

The trains are nice and run well and go everywhere so that is cool.  Arlington is so close to everything you could want to see.  I would say the stations need better lighting and to make the signs on the platform easier to read but otherwise no complaints with our transportation at all, quite the opposite.

The Holocaust Museum was really sad but an incredibly well done way of presenting this tragic era in our world's events, it is hard to believe it could have happened in such a precise and planned out fashion, man's inhumanity to man at it's zenith, which horribly continues unabated today.

Some of the guys went into Washington our last night and had a great time, it is so pretty lit up at night and we walked far and wide.  We even escaped a swarm of insects and ran like lunatics waving our arms wildly running and screaming like schoolgirls, yes!  It would have been a natural for You Tube, but alas will be subjected to our memories only forever.

Our meet and greet was very nice and it was good to have Tim Horn there, a pleasant surprise and Tim is always very informed, lots of fun (and good looking too!).

Thanks to Dennis as well, we missed you handsome!

It was as always very cool to meet old friends and greet new ones as well.  As Jews often say: Next year in Jerusalem...Well probably not, but hopefully somewhere closer. ;) :)

Jody :)

Thanks Jody, I'll never get that image out of my mind. 6 middle aged gay men being attacked by fruit flies, screaming and flailing and having that poor jogger dude stop in his tracks and make an about face.   ;D


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