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ACT-UP and the Berlin Wall


Today some of us visited the White House for a tour which was very cool and afterwards we went to the Newseum, a museum of major new stories, Pulitzer prize photography and other very interesting topics. 

Tim Horn finished up at the conference and we didn't have a chance to ask yesterday when Tim met us for dinner.  He is such a bright and personable man, who along with Peter Staley, Andy Velez and others have dedicated so much to the fight against AIDS on our behalf, but he left for home today.  But at the museum they had a section of the Berlin Wall and there was a big ACT-UP message graffitied on to the Wall.  Since the Wall fell in 1989 we thought maybe the ACT-UP movement in the US influenced this message on the Wall at the time before it came down.  I don't know if this was brought up in the past but we were curious as to the possible correlation.

It was cool to see ACT-UP on the Wall.



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