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DC. F*ckin. Amazing.

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I have been the picture of propriety.

If you believe that, you really don't know me.

I am having a great time and it is great to see everyone again.

It is hot here. Really sticky, hot and muggy, like everyone said it would be.

I am very glad to be here.




--- Quote from: Lou-ah-vull on July 27, 2012, 08:26:39 PM ---As I suspected the debauchery would begin well before my arrival tomorrow morning.  I should be there in time for breakfast...some of you who will not have rocked the night away will surely be up and eating.  I estimate I will get to the hotel around 9 am.

Finishing packing...and eager to join you all!


--- End quote ---

They'll BOTH meet you.   See you tomorrow.

Having a great time -
nice to put real faces to the names on here.

Spent last night getting to know people. Had a great dinner at Bistro Bistro in Dupont Circle.... about 16 of us were there. Tim Horn joined us.

Today, was hot!!!!  Spent time with JRE and his partner at the Smithsonian (Holocaust Museum and Museum of American History). Also, had some food on the mall.

Quiet evening tonight - I think everyone is resting up (or at least most people) for a busy day tomorrow checking out more sights and having the Meet and Greet at the Mad Hatter.

Jan and Jen are awesome. KlassyKitty is wonderful. Jeff a great guy. The 2 Davids and Bonnie super! Buckmark just as wonderful as on here (and then some). Jeff - such a nice guy who I loved meeting. Mark, RAB, Ernie, all are amazing. Wolfter keeps a smile on his face (and is having a blast). Will is just a WILD man!

Nick (pozniceguy) and Jody - my two grant committee colleagues are everything I thought they would be and then some ---- two genuinely nice guys, with hearts of gold. Basquo and Santi - are just so much fun and very warm-hearted. Bocker was one of the first to great me - he is another guy who always has a kind word and a smile (so funny and friendly). Den and his partner are also great guys, very friendly, great conversationalists, and two more people that always greet you with a smile.

Tim Horn = one of the most interesting and nice people I have met. He is like the "most interesting man in the world" from the dos equiis commercials...... I could have talked with him all night. A wealth of knowledge and his advocacy and concern is so real.

Hoping I didn't leave anyone out.... believe me.... us AM folks are really some amazing people.  We were already shooting around thoughts for future sites to suggest.

Other than the extremely HOT weather (we are talking dripping sweat HOT)... everything else has been perfect.

Glad I made it here - especially after being delayed at Fort Lauderdale and then Atlanta airports due to aircraft mechanical problems.  I did get to fly First Class fro Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta due to the flight snafu.

AMG 2012 is everything I thought it would be and then some. Hope I'm not ruining anyone's online persona by the above ---- but this is a great group of people!



--- Quote from: WillyWump on July 27, 2012, 01:02:32 AM ---Alright so its like 1 am or whatever here.

all I can say is holy shit.

Lost my posse at the Green lantern. Some tiwnk at the door  talked me into going to Cobalt. A++.  Sweet. MAde out and i think I have herpes now. Seriously.  theres a dot on mylip. But maybe thats a thread for  "amI"

Met some married guy on the street while i was looking for the Subawy. We talked about Jesus for 6 blocks. Then he threw up. Found a cab.  Waiting on Nick.

Pray for me.

Makers Mark.

--- End quote ---

Drunk posting..........   So very sad.   :)

I do want to point out that, tonight, the Wumpster did LOOK at a salad bar.  Of course, he ended up going with a steak and fried shrimp!

Really having a lot of fun here in DC.  Even had a little "incident" at the White House today......  RAB and Nick were pulled aside by the Secret Service for falsifying their documents! They got it straightened out though, but let it be a lesson to all to NOT lie about your age to the Secret Service!


See you all in less than 12 hours!



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