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DC. F*ckin. Amazing.

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Alright so its like 1 am or whatever here.

all I can say is holy shit.

Lost my posse at the Green lantern. Some tiwnk at the door  talked me into going to Cobalt. A++.  Sweet. MAde out and i think I have herpes now. Seriously.  theres a dot on mylip. But maybe thats a thread for  "amI"

Met some married guy on the street while i was looking for the Subawy. We talked about Jesus for 6 blocks. Then he threw up. Found a cab.  Waiting on Nick.

Pray for me.

Makers Mark.

Miss Philicia:

just dont have sex with a congressman.  too much drama to have to deal with

Miss Philicia:
Is it true that this twink stole your credit card and went shopping at Neiman Marcus?

As I suspected the debauchery would begin well before my arrival tomorrow morning.  I should be there in time for breakfast...some of you who will not have rocked the night away will surely be up and eating.  I estimate I will get to the hotel around 9 am.

Finishing packing...and eager to join you all!



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