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Hike, Ross, Hike!

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while you lot were poking fun at me a few months back for contemplating a thru hike, this stud was planning his. he's now more than 1,500 miles into a thru hike to raise hiv/aids awareness and become the first open pozzie to hike the appalachian.

personally, i wanna track him down, and hand out some trail magic.

luv, zach

I saw your posts and went exploring through Ross' page.  Breathtaking.  Glad to see you posting a bit.  I never discouraged it - heck...I want to DO it at some point (but I guess it's a N GA kind of thing). 

I just worry about your keeping track of your health, but that's ultimately a trail you have to blaze on your own as well.

the horse aint dead tim, its ok to keep beating it


--- Quote from: zach on July 21, 2012, 03:16:22 PM ---the horse aint dead tim, its ok to keep beating it

--- End quote ---

Yeah.  And speaking of...I've been straddling the fence all day trying to decide whether to go up to Young Harris today for their homecoming, but everytime I start to go out to the car, it starts to pour rain.  I'm really feeling the itch to get into the hills - and I live  in the hills.

I mean the bigger hills.

for those that dont know the culture, there is a thing called trail magic. ross has his mail drops and eta listed. i'm gonna drop him a care package, would be neat if he felt love from some of the aidsmeds folks.


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