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Hey guys (and gals?)!

I have been poz for almost twenty years now, and at a "young" soon-to-be 60 years of age I now have been working out at the gym five days a week for the past one and a half years. My emphasis and workout routine changes periodically but I basically do a lower - upper body workout, hitting all major muscles twice a week and the smaller ones once a week. I do several exercises for each muscle group ( up to 21 sets of 8-10 reps eg. for chest, and a bit less for other muscle groups ) each workout day, and total an average of 9-12 different exercises each day. I add in some boxing and some ballet training, as well as elliptical or fast-walking on the treadmill in periods. Two years ago I was terribly overweight, hobbling on crutches, had skinny arms, was exhausted all the time, and had terrible balance. I have lost almost 20 kilos, and I am currently trying to lose another 10 or so. My muscles are quite visible now so I am now starting to focus more on doubling my reps rather than increasing the load so much more ... this to lose more fat. My big challenges are eating several small meals a day, and keeping alcohol consumption to a controlled minimum. I have other physical maladies which challenge my training but imho it is just to figure out how to get the most of the exercises with the best form possible ... given the bodies and afflictions we have. I am addicted to working out, but if I were to miss a week I would feel all the old aches and pains again, and soon be back on daily doses of painkillers. With daily exercise I once again have a functioning life. That 1.5 - 2 hour workout every weekday morning is a great investment.

Are there others here that are working their major muscle groups twice a week? It works for me but restitution over time can be an issue ( i.e. overtraining symptoms can become an issue every 10-12 weeks ).

I tried eating organic plus fish for about eight months. Lost a lot of weight but my body finally shut down during a workout and screamed "bloody murder". Now I eat meat, fish and poultry regularly.  I do not use any supplements or performance enhancers. I read much about exercise, diet and health on the internet forums but I figure we all have to tailor our approaches to our own goals, needs, genetics and health profile.


--- Quote from: peer_gynt on August 29, 2012, 07:09:09 PM ---This is a rather interesting topic.

I have always been fairlry active, and after I was diagnosed positive I had to quit my favorite activities  boxing/fighting/MMA/Wrestling, that broke my heart, but in that kind of sports there is always an exchange of blood...
I didn't come here to say that...
But rather to talk about my new favorite physical activity, Crossfit.
The work outs are short (you will need to devote 30-60 minutes per session) and very comprehensive... if your goal is bodybuilding this ISN'T for you... but you most definitely will look athletic toned.
I do it 5-6 times per week and I love it...
Also I still train but cannot longer fight :(...
Again I invite everyone to Xfit!!!

--- End quote ---

Never tried CrossFit but I have taken a couple of semesters of intensive circle training with up to ten stations of cardio and strength training. One was a boxing cardio course. The "rest periods" in between stations were two minutes of jumping rope  :'( It was fast-paced and exhausting but a great one-hour workout. I was always too tired to lift weights afterwards. Must be my age ...

I did loads first time in 2 several weeks these days so I happily discuss and talk about with someone else poz and into health and health and fitness and weight training. I quite easily put on both muscular and fat so would like guidance on how to reduce some, Im buffed enough as it is.


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