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--- Quote from: Bbnb on July 26, 2012, 08:44:57 PM ---
 I have done a body part each day in the past with my work schedule found that committing to 4 days a week is about as good as I am going to schedule.  I tend to change it up pretty often every 4 to 6 weeks.  Right now with the upper/lower body part days. I am doing about 6 to 9 sets per general  part but that doesn't mean the same exercise . For example,  I do about4 sets of bench presses and 4 sets of pec dec flyes. 4 sets of pull ups and 4 sets of machine rows? Right now with lower body I am trying to do unilateral exercises .So I will do one legged squats and lunges, then move to the squat, leg curl and extension machines and do one legged exercises there.  I have to admit I find ne legged work harded than bilateral leg work. 

also like you I find I only do3 to 4 sets of bi and tri work since I am already pushing those with other exercises.

I am not sure about the low body fat issue. I tend to gain muscle pretty easily but my issue was gaining and not losing body fat. My doctors kept pushing  me to lose weight.  So there is  a threshold where we are having too much body fat.

The supplements I typically take are: whey , multivitamin, alpha lipoeic acid,  coq10, lcarnitine.

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I've never done unilateral exercises and can't even imagine doing it for a squat!! I always get worried when squatting anyway, that something is going to give and the barbell is going to collapse on top of me!

How many calories do you consume a day as i don't seem to put on much muscle, which makes me think it's either my 2 diseases (HIV and UC) or just i'm not consuming enough carbs?

Hello Everyone,

I saw this advert on how to get better abs quicker...

Is it for real? I have Lipo issues... Waist 38", Tummy fat 44"...

I will try it and see if it helps...

I am doing about 2200 to 2300 calories a day.   I have lost weight but not as much as I want but of course, I could definitely do more cardio than I actually do. 

My unilateral squats I typically do without weight at this point.  I do unilateral squats with weight on the machine.  I plan  on adding some dumbbell work to these squats but only with low weight.  I keep the high weights with bilateral work on barbell squats and unliateral work with machines like the leg press. 

Hey Delby- thanks for starting the post!

I work out 2 days a week with a trainer and then usually 1-2 extra days on my own. I lift and do cardio regularly and have lost about 40 pounds in the last 2 years. I was diagnosed about 7 months ago now and have been on Atripla since April of this year.

I can tell a distinct difference in how quickly I become fatigued since I've been poz so I've been doing more vitamins/supplements and have seen some improvement. I take a multi-vitamin, Co Q10, Glucosamine Chondroitin, fish oil, a probiotic, and a few other things throughout the day and space them apart. I boogered my left knee up and went to an orthopaedic who wanted to do an MRI which I'm waiting to get scheduled.

My biggest concern is will I make things worse on my body by lifting or doing to much. Does HIV break down certain functions or protections of our bodies? The orthopaedic said something like... with your history this isn't uncommon to have ligament issues. He also mentioned he sees quite a few HIV+ patients which made me question some of this.

Anyway I'm definitely interested following the thread and exchanging ideas.  :)

Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed poz November last year and started my ARV flinstones last January. Last month i decided to go back to the gym and build a toned (not buffed) body. I still have minimal flabs on my abs and i want to see it toned as well. I have no problem with my upper, i got a twink-like, broad shoulder built. I'm interested to know what's the ideal duration of my cardio exercise.

AND more important to me..... i want to grow my muscles. I am co-infected with Hepa B but all is normal as of now. Can i take protein shakes? If yes, please recommend a brand.

thanks :)


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