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I tested positive one month ago

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Hi and and your wife are in a very similar situation as me an mine as well as Teresa (who is great) my post under newly diaignosed in april 06 and read my story..i'm sure you can relate to my can pm me any time and we can chat..we too are newly my post states we have been married just over 12months when we found out..any questions,feel freee to pm me brother..


Hey Esquare,
First, let me say it really sucks this has happened. But, I am very glad you have come here and joined our eclectic family.

You seem to have been handling this very well. It isn't an easy thing to learn, especially with your wife. I am glad her initial test was negative and hope she remains so.

The good news is Atripla is an easy regimen to take. One pill a day. Is it possible for you to start the meds on a weekend or on your days off? That would give you a couple of days to adjust to any side effects or at least know if they will affect you.

You are absolutely correct regarding who to tell about this. Disclosure is a very personal thing. Only disclose when you are ready, and only to those you wish to know.

Regarding your doc and your workplace, the doctor cannot disclose your status to anyone, including your boss, without your permission.

Glad you are here and look forward to hearing more from you.



Aztecan thanks for the helpful words. I pray and pray my wife's next test comes back negative as that would be a huge boost for us. I started Atripla on Friday night and have not really had any problems with it other than feeling like I have a drunk buzz a few hours later but that hasn't been a bad thing. Thanks to the govt holiday I'm off today so I have had three days to check the side effects. I'm watching for the rash and am mentally prepared to deal with it if it comes.

One thing that I keep fighting out of my mind is that the doctor told me I've had this for quite a while. Nearly 4 years possibly and that was still in my dumber/wilder days. I've been advised not to go calling sexual partners from then because that can blow up in my face. I no longer feel guilty about having sex while infected then because I didn't know I was hiv+ and every experience was 100% consentual on both sides. I guess I just feel bad that I could have infected another person and that they have no idea and could be spreading it to their current boyfriend or husband. My wife doesn't want me to because she is afraid of an angry husband coming after me/us and making the situation worse. Any thoughts on this one?

Man, Esquare, we have incredibly similar doctor told me i've had this in my system at least 3 to 4 years..i too initailly felt guilty about possibly infecting someone in my past and they un-knowing passed it to their spouse or boyfriend..but you have to focus on your wife,and if it makes your wife feel more at ease keeping this to yourselves,i recommend you do that especially if it puts her a bit at ease.whatever it takes to help her thru this..try to accomidate that..thats how i've handle it with my wife and it helps the situation..glad to hear you havent had any real effects..

Hey Esquare,
I don't know how it works where you live, but here in New Mexico you can contact the Department of Health, give them the contact information, and they would, in turn, contact your previous partners.

This is done anonymously. Usually, the person who follows up on this tells the contact the state has received information the contact may have been exposed to something and they should be tested.

But each state works differently. I would check it out before acting because, depending on the former partner's situation, it can blow up on you.

You might check with your local ASO (AIDS service organization) about this.




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