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Been gone awhile,sad for Ric


Sadly, I have been off of the forums for a while.  When reading others posts I kept wondering why Ric hasn't posted yet.

Ric was a pivotable person in my life making this disease bearable. We would chat on here often as well as on the phone. When HIV stopped being the mainstream conversation in my life, I sort of let go of this site and others that had helped me.

I am truly ashamed to have been gone so long just to hear this news, albeit a few years to late.

Worst thing is, many of you met in person, had the joy of being his friend close up. I live in Milwaukee. We could have seen each other daily, but we didn't.

With deepest regret and sympathy for Thom, goodbye Ric. I hope your pain is over.

Welcome back, Craig.

Yes, it's jarring to come back to learn someone you deeply cared for has died.
From this distance, I can see it would have been pleasing to Ric.

When people go away from the site for long periods (unless they're banned) it's often because they're engaged in life, work, relationships, travel, good books.

So, I suspect Ric would tell you it was a great thing you allowed him to get to know you, to help you, and that ultimately you becoming involved in your life paid him the highest compliment.



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