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Hubby goes for his set of bloodwork next Monday. He is on Atripla and has no problems taking it.

Here are his numbers:
CD4 -85
CD4% 8.6
VL - 284,678

CD4 -203
CD4% -18
CD4/CD8 Ratio - 0.29
VL.- 125

CD4 -198
CD4% - 20.8
CD4/CD8 Ratio - 0.38
VL - <75

Is there anything you think i might want to ask the Dr about his numbers?  Or about anything else you think i should. you all have dealt with this  for alot longer than i have and you all have a better understanding of the numbers than I do.

i know I'm going to ask about the flu shot. And the Dr said last time she wanted to test me again This will be the 2nd time she has gave me the quick 20 minute test where they prick your finger. So in all it will make 3 times I have tested since we found out in May. How often do they normally test the HIV- partner?WE are not very active. i think we have had sex 3 times since May and of course we used condoms.

Does everything look ok and im just being a worry wart? I just want to make sure I cover all the bases.


he's lucky to have you! ... now in terms of the flu shot i heard a person should not ever get it if allergic to eggs. i'm sure others will have great suggestions. hugz n kisses


Your hubby's response to HAART has been really great.  His numbers indicate that.  Baring some real unusual event I suspect his next labs will indicate the same.

The topic of intimacy, both physical and emotional, and whether the two of you are struggling with it, might be a topic to discuss.

It wouldn't be unusual, in fact it's predictable, for a couple to search for new comfort and strength as partners with one another, after one partner has been diagnosed poz.  The solution is to keep the communication honest and open, sometimes outside help (counselor/therapist) can be a meaningful way to stay on course.

Let us know what hubby's numbers are.



I think the doctor is being cautious with you in wanting to watch your bloodwork too, just to be on the safe side.  You can always ask the doctor how far out she plans to have you tested before she goes to annual testing.  Right now, you are at 5 months out since diagnosis for your husband.

Your husband is lucky to have you, that you want to make sure you find out the right information and try not to forget anything.  If there is anything you thought about since the last visit, then write it down and ask at the appointment.  But it looks like his bloodwork is going in the right direction, and that's a good sign.


The CD4 percentages look really good, and the vl is under control also, so I would say his numbers are all going in the right direction.

In Love.


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