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Probiotics-Perhaps a way to increase CD4 counts?

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just got back from the pharmacy with a bottle of acidophilus and lactobacillus probiotics ... for some reason i didnt even think to get them there in capsule form ... anyway after getting home i read this ...

In addition to dietary sources, probiotics are also available in pill or capsule form as a nutritional supplement. These supplements offer a way for lactose-intolerant individuals to take probiotics without consuming dairy products. Probiotics are not for everyone. Persons with suppressed immune systems, such as HIV-positive individuals, should discuss probiotics with their doctor before taking these supplements, warns the University of Maryland Medical Center.

Hi Ann, if you do manage to do some additional research on probiotics as a supplement to improve and maintain improved immunity in the gut and the potential extension/additional benefit to those living with HIV (apart from the common useage after a course of antibiotics), your insight would be very welcome.

cheers Frisky

I'm too tired to go over this thread with a fine-tooth comb.

Ann, that was a fantastic breakdown of the serenity prayer.  Thank you for that.

A few months ago, I ran across a similar article to the one the OP posted, but I can't recall where I saw it.  The gist of "my" article was the same:  HIV hides in the gut.  I think the article also said that consuming excessive amounts of animal protein helps "feed" HIV.

I've never taken probiotic pills, but I figure you can get (a smaller amount of) the same beneficial bacterial cultures by consuming kefir or kombucha tea.  I've been drinking both for years, even when I was neg, because I have a very sensitive stomach and they help keep me regular.

As for antibiotics... I've had to take them twice during my adult life and I knew beforehand they would kill off the beneficial bacteria too.  It seemed more logical to me to finish the course of antibiotics before trying to replenish the good bacteria.  So I started with kombucha tea the minute I was all done with the antibiotics.

Found it!  Here's the article I was referring to.  Like the one the OP posted, it also encourages the use of probiotics.

Jeff G:

--- Quote from: Reishi on May 31, 2013, 01:38:42 PM ---Found it!  Here's the article I was referring to.  Like the one the OP posted, it also encourages the use of probiotics.

--- End quote ---

I have removed your link to a site that claims HIV can be controlled by diet alone . It appeared to be a denialist website but to be honest Im in mo mood to read the whole site you linked too . HIV can only be controlled by ART and linking to any websites that claims differently is a bannable offense .

I know you were trying to be helpful and provide a link about probiotics but that website contains incorrect information about HIV and we cant allow that kind of material to be linked to . Thanks .


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