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Severe back pain - truvada, norvir and reyataz

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loscang, you can try with daily consumption on Vit B12 and Magnesium and maybe with some meds for relaxing your nerves when you are feeling stressed.

You can consult with your ID about this proposal, because from the start I was told that maybe the reason for my condition is too much stress.

However, I'm using these vitamins beside all


Relief has a name and its called Celebrex!!

What a difference it has made to my life!  I am fully functional again!  YES!!!!

Thanks everyone for your help and assistance!

I'm so happy I found this forum and this topic. I will talk to my doc about Celebrex, I am also experiencing arm and neck pain with stiffness in the neck; my doc prescribed lyrica and Tylex 750, this didn't lesson the pain much.

I ve been on atripla since 2009. Three years ago I started having lower back and neck pain. 
I went to fysio, changed my mattress, drunk more water. At the x-Ray my back was fine but This year it was getting very bad . The pain was terrible. Some days I had to stay in bed.
I didn't know what to do anymore.
My doctor ask me if I wanted to switch to triumeq which I did not for the back reason ( didn't even think of that)
After one month on triumeq my back pain disappeared and hasn t been back since.
I m convinced now that it was coming from atripla.


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