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Need suggestions for a healthier life with HIV

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Living a healthier life for those who are positive is the same as for those who are negative. Seems like you are doing it right. I started eating healthier after my diagnosis as well. I still eat meat but have cut out the fast food stuff. I am eating fresh fruits and vegetables. I am not currently taking any vitamins.                      When my weight dropped and i lost my appetite I did drink ensure twice a day for the nutrition, but quickly got tired of the flavors.

I am worried though im not sure if eating right and staying on vitamins and all the rest of it is going to help me maintain my cd4 count of 533, i am really so worried about this and what might happen to me,there is really nothing we the hiv can do to live normal if nothing helps us besides the drugs.

Taking vitamins with a healthy nutritional lifestyle can't hurt.

I take :
Generic multivitamin.
Alpha lipoeic acid

Sometimes I switch some of these out since price wise they add up sometimes and i havent found st to adversely affect my health.

Healthy eating should be fairly easy and cheap to do. My reccomendation start going to farmers markets to buy your fruits and veggies. They are usually locally grown , cheaper, and have gone through less chemicals, and pesticide residue than store based produce.


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