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I called my Physician to see if this was "safe", and he said it was as long as I was supplementing my vitamins with (Zinc, Vitamin D, Multivitamin, Fatty Acids, B12, B-Complex)  and drinking water regularly. He said that this can potentiate a higher release of HGH, Testosterone, and lower insulin. Also it can lower prolactin. This diet is effective, but only if you are not prone to Type 1/2 Diebetes. (Then it is downright dangerous)

Has anyone had luck with the Ketogenic diet? It is a period where you are in a fasted state for a prolonged period of time.
 In 2-3 days of fasting. Your body shifts into something called Gluccogenesis where it uses your subcutaneous (White) fat and converts into gluccose by the liver the end result are ketone bodies. It stimulates your hypothalamus / pituitary gland to produce more hormone (If you are able to time your supplementation just right) It provides you with this mental clarity.
It is known that with fasting the body breaks down muscle tissue; Resistance training has been known to stop the process and actually you can gain muscle mass during this period.

I know in order to see noticeable results of this diet you have to be on it for a while because it takes at least 72 hours to start the process. 
This process it takes a lot of dedication.  So it's not for everyone. Hunger is a strong reaction by the body. I will say this (Because I LOVE to eat) after the 3rd day. You lose the feeling of hunger all together really and you are induced in a calm state.

The ''standard '' ketogenic diet is a bit too extreme.
I liked the cyclic one:

Ya, it is rally so extreme but some like cyclic but i don't like because it is depands on choice...

Never tried the diet, per se.  I have gone without food for a whole day.  Once the hunger went away, I did feel better--a feeling of being more focused and just feeling better overall.  But, that soon changed to feeling weak. 

I did learn something interesting from my gastro doc.  I always thought eating while taking certain medication, such as Tylenol, caused the liver to have to work harder.  I thought it was better to space food and medications.  But, he said many drugs deplete this enzyme that starts with a "G" (can't remember name), and that it is actually better for the liver to eat with medications.  So, if someone is taking many meds, then consider it is harder on your liver most times to not eat.

A keto diet is truly a very low carb diet, not a fasting diet. You eat every day ,meals etc. But with the absence of carbs in your diet , it releases ketones and hence the keto diet. Fastimg is no good.


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