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Quick Question to Calm My Worry, if you Don't Mind

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I engaged in oral receptive/insertive sex awhile back and was tested 49 days after our encounter.
My results came back nonreactive for hiv but I did get herpes (as i suspected, which sucks, no pun intended)

I am wondering if my HIV test at 49days is conclusive or should I go back for another?

My lesson has been learned in regards to unprotected oral. (condoms for me for now on and of course I will tell my future partner about my HSV status)
Thanks and you are doing a great thing with this site.


Getting a blowjob is not a risk for hiv infection at all, and giving one is only a very, very low risk. There have been studies of serodiscordant couples and in the couples who used condoms for intercourse, but no barrier for any type of oral, not one of the negative partners became infected. Not one. This shows us that condoms work and oral sex is much, much less risky than previously thought.

As the vast majority of people who have actually been infected will seroconvert and test positive by six weeks, your seven week result is not likely to change. However, when there has been a real risk, a six week negative result must be confirmed at the three month point. Only a three month test is considered conclusive.


Thanks Ann, I do appreciate your response very much. I was a bit, shall I say, 'freaked out'.  My worry is much much much(one more) much less now.

ugh, I know that I should be not feeling worry, but I have been feeling pretty 'off' as of late.
Sore throat on and off, etc... I think a lot of this can be attributed to  HSV but still.... :(

should i do another test to make for certain?


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