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Bad lipoatrophy in the legs. Does Egrifta help?


Hey Members,

Got the skinny, buldging vein look in the legs.  Have had the buldging vein issue for a few years, but have lost bulk in he past four.  Been positive since 87 and been on all the culprits for a long time, Zerit, DDI, Norvir, AZT, Ziagen, Crixivan, you name it.  Not on any of these now.  On Isentress, Sustiva, and Emtriva.

I am reading about Egrifta but that seems more for losing belly fat which isn't really a big problem.

Anyone know of anything else to add bulk to your legs.  Experimental meds, trials, and such.  My doc says working out won't help but build muscle, not bulk.

Also, went to a vascular surgeon who doesn't seem to know the difference between the buldgy veins caused by HIV and those caused by Venous Reflux Disease.  I know I have VRD, but my doc feels the procedure will be a lost cause.

Implants I guess is the only the answer but I'm not that vein!

Thanks a bunch,


Hi Jeff,

Egrifta is indicated for the treatment of lipohypertrophy, the type of lipodystrophy associated with fat accumulation in the belly, breast, and upper torso with development of the so-called "buffalo hump".

On the other hand, lipoatrophy is characterized by loss of subcutaneous fat in the  face, upper torso, and arms and legs.

Most HIV+ patients have some degree of both types of lipodystrophy, although one type is usually predominant to the other.

I have found no evidence in the medical, research, or anecdotal literature that may suggest any positive therapeutic effects of Egrifta on lipoatrophy, which is the "medically accepted" answer to your question.

My question and concern is whether Egrifta when administered to HIV+ individuals who show both lipohypertrophy and lipoatrophy may accelerate and worsen lipoatrophy.

Best wishes to you and all members,



Hi Jeff,
Started for me about 3-4 years ago. No doc could offer me a cure. One
suggested LCarnitine? I've think I've come to peace with it. Don't get me
wrong, if theres a treatment I can afford I'll be the first in line!!
   Living here in FL makes it really difficult, Wearing jeans during a 95 degree
day, but to quote Big Edie "You got to go on in life chicken".  Many folks
have bigger probs than me so I try to find some gratitude everyday.

If you do find the cure, PLEASE let me know!! ;) ;) ;)

best wishes


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