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First Official Day of Graduate School - MBA Here I Come

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Thanks again everyone =
Your support, feedback, and personal experiences are invaluable.

I am progressing pretty well - note-taking and framing the material.

This first course, I just have one "graded" assignment - with nine components -
It involves selecting a company with no or a weak online presence, supporting viability of expanding/creating online presence, doing an analysis of competitors, developing the online marketing strategies, discussing search engine optimization, analyzing competitors, discussing international considerations, identifying one time and ongoing costs....... and concluding by doing a three page mock up of the website accompanied by a site index.

They allow up to 6 weeks to finish (August 12), but I am wanting to have it done and in by July 19th.... This will allow me to do any corrections that may be needed and resubmit, hopefully by the 25th - clearing me to enjoy AMG in Washington DC from the 26th to the 30th - then starting my next course on July 31st (which would still put me two weeks ahead of schedule).

It helps to make internal deadlines and personal goals that are more stringent than the ones the university gives.

Thanks again for the words of advice and support!

I hope all goes well on this front for you.  I would love to go back to school myself.

So I suppose one day we will be required to call you Dr....Dr. Phil.

Good luck! I started Grad school but promptly dropped out. maybe on day Ill go back. You inspire me.


Good luck, Phil.  I know you'll do well!

try to enjoy yourself and have a good time. 


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