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First Official Day of Graduate School - MBA Here I Come

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Well, the online portal officially opened for me today to begin my MBA graduate degree program.

I'm excited, but also know that I have to stay motivated and disciplined in order to complete a fully online, go-at-your-own-pace program. The nice thing is, that I can accelerate. When I am done with one course, I move on to the next.

Technically, I could finish my MBA in anywhere from one to two years (with 17 months being my target).

It will require about 20 hours a week of commitment to studying. I am ready. The first course is E-Business, followed by Supply Chain, and then Human Resources.

I had started an MBA program back in 2001, but never completed (it was at a brick and mortar school). The time is definitely right though, as my boss is retiring in two years and is prepping me to be a strong candidate for her position. If I want to expand my options, an advanced degree is a necessity.

Wish me luck!



Good luck Phil! I know you can do it. :)

Good Luck!!

Thanks for the votes of confidence!
getting ready to "hit the e-books" right now.

I'm actually finding the e-business course really interesting.



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