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Hi,need some advice on weight loss


Hi,I'm in the UK and been diagnosed since 19 (OMG 18 years ago!)Ive been on and off meds for the last 10 years,and had no serious health problems.
In June I had a bad tummy bug I couldn't shift for 5 weeks,then my bloods came back VL 45,000 and CD4 142.So I started the meds again.I also now can't tolerate alcohol (due to the Norvir :'( and used to have a bottle of wine a night...or two!
Thats the brief background.Now I'm worried about my weight (I have never had this problem with HIV before.I averagely was 80KG and in 3 months my weight has dropped to 69.8KG.
Do you think it has been cutting out the drink? my low CD4 count? or HIV wasting or a mixture of everything?I did lose quite a bit when I was ill for 5 weeks.
My VL is now undetectable and CD4 up to 228.Do you think my weight will improve now?Is 10KG drop in 3 months a serious issue?
It does feel as though i've lost muscle not just the fat and feel a bit fragile and bony :-\
Any help would be really helpful! Thanks a million.



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