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Lipodystrophy And The Public Media


I am a little worried about the way lipodystrophy is receiving more publicity in the public media. I do not mind it being spoken about in medical magazines and related materials but, I would not like to see it defined in the daily newspaper. If this secondary effect of meds and hiv is recognizable to the mass public, the lives of us hiv/aids patients (or clients) will be more miserable than what it already is. I myself have always had very pronounced dimples (prior to hiv) and after 20 years being positive my cheeks have caved in and I've lost the body fat which makes us look normal and healthy. At work I know my co-workers think I am diabetic and have problems with my pancreas, but I would be very uncomfortable if they knew that loss of facial fat was related to hiv/aids. This is something I keep to myself and I would hate if my coworkers started rumors about my health. Is this concern only mine, or has anybody out there thought about this issue also?


Thinking of you honey and hopeing for the best. I think the mass media's too caught up with Iraq and email scandals. HIV lipo is not sensational so I don't think there's too much to be concerned about.

Yes Catman, I too wonder when the cat will be out of the bag with lipo. With d4T being given now to third world countries, I imagine this will be more newsworthy in about 2 years give or take.

Try to manage with diet and exercise as you can. Hopefully research will find the key. Maybe drop a few 'hints' to your co-workers about your pancreas/diabetes or ??? , and that will throw them off track.

Your not alone brother.

Thanks guys for answering. It's just that I work for a large company and everyday I see peoples faces and none seem to have facial wasting except me. Believe me when I say I see about 100 faces a day. I am feeling a bit shy about this and a little uncomfortable. I even sometimes think that I'm the only HIV positive person in a company that has around 1400 employees in 4 working shifts. My cheeks are the only sunken cheeks. The body weight is fine. I'm already getting comments from two of my coworkers saying "you've lost some pounds, right?" Even though my viral load is under 70, my face is not helping me to reflect my good health. I guess I'll just relax about this and TRY not to give it much thought...Sculptra is out of the question for now. Too expensive, but it would be a great option if it was affordable or covered by my medical insurance.


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