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My first viral load blip in 4 years.

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Personally, I dont't consider one result of 100 in a run of undetectables a blip, I would ignore it.

- matt

Thanks, everyone, for your replies. I knew I could count on everyone here to help put my mind at ease.

Have a great weekend!


Following up on my thread.....

So after my first blip in June, I had another round of labs done in August, and VL  came back undetectable.

But then in November I had follow up labs done and today got the results: viral load of doctor is stumped, and does not know what to make of it.

He says this is not an indication of treatment failure yet, and is not really concerned, and just wants to see me in four months.

So to summarize:

June: 100 VL
August: undetectable
November: 80 VL

I know there really is always very low level viral replication going on regardless of succesful treatment, or as Eric48 posted, this could just be dying cells releasing virus particles. But I'm stumped on this one, and I was wondering if this scenario is familiar to others.

As yes, I know I can count on having many blips down the line, but what are the thoughts about these two blips being a few months apart, but separated by an undetectable??

Thanks in advance, J.

I remember  ap ost of someone who had noticed a small up in VL in his nov. tests, every year.

Whenever monitoring closely a VL decay, it is recommended that you have you blood drawn before taking any vaccination (such as flu), which most people do around that time

Hope this helps


Miss Philicia:
J220, I think I had two blips in a span of 12 months, or maybe 15 months. I realize that yours are closer than that, but those numbers still really don't mean anything as far as I'm concerned.


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