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My first viral load blip in 4 years.

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Got my lab results today: after 4 years of being undetectable I had my first blip (hope that's what it is), showing 100 VL, just barely above the minimum 50.

Doc is not concerned and said most likely it is a blip, and he even raised the possibility that it could be a lab error, these things not being foolproof anyway.

But obviously this is not what I wanted to hear. Next lab will be done in 6 weeks, hopefully I will be undetectable again. Any thoughts? Guess I'm just looking for some reassurance...


Miss Philicia:
It's a blip. Relax. I've had two in the past 7 years.

Thanks, will do.



I've also had several of these "Blips"  throughout the past, 9 years,( See below for that)

I also had one that read 1,075. Each time the next viral load was taken, it went back to undetectable.

Hang in there---Ray

Here below is one of the current theory about blips.

CD4 are needed for a purpose. If you don't have them any more you're history.

They are needed to fight MHC class 2 viruses or unwanted foes (fungus, bacteria)

MHC class 1 do not require CD4 expressing lymphocytes: the other lymphocytes (NK, C8) will suffice.

If you have been exposed to a MHC class 2 (or one of your commensal MHC class 2 reactivates)(could be any minor thing that you even have not noticed), the nearby 100 CD4s will clone themselves thousands or even million folds to mount the counter attack (think of Starwars). If 1 of the initial CD4s still carry some latent virus RNA, then all sudden they are thousands.

They are disposable infantry. Once the attack is over, they die. and as they die, they leave some VL behind them.

That's is what your test picks up.

If your treatment is successfull and you are adherent, then there is no way this free flying RNA can re-infect other cells

Hope this helps



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