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God can cure AIDS?

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we're having a whole bunch of religious people here holding conferences and crusades claiming to cure HIV. that they pray for you and you walk away HIV negative.  they even have some people come and testify that they were cured. is this hogwash or can it be possible? does anyone know anyone who was cured like this?  i believe in God and that He can do anything but i've heard of so many scammers that i'm a bit sceptical.

As much as I wish it could be done, IT'S HOG WASH. (Don't tell me you are seeing Benny Hill?) ;) There has never been a case that was cured in that manner. I won't get into babies that are pos and convert neg. I believe in God too, but there are just some things God himself doesn't handle.


Thanks so much for placing your photo here, good to finally see you...

I think that God can do any thing, but we must realize that we only have HIV on the planet with God's permission.  I would be more than skeptical about these reports, and at the same time, would ask those cured to submit to a simple test and see if HIV has been cleared from their bodies.  Only thing is, the test checks for Antibodies, so this wouldn't do any good.  Personally I would advise staying as far away from these people as possible.

Thanks for sharing.

Matty the Damned:

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Hi Tendai,

Not only are these people liars, but they are DANGEROUS liars. Why dangerous? Because they can't cure ANYONE of hiv/aids. The people who believe them are going to go out and infect other people, because they believe they are cured. These people claiming that their god cures hiv/aids need to be shut down before they cause more infections.



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